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1. Do you offer multiple Trading Account Types with different trading conditions?

2. Do you offer fixed or variable spreads?

3. What financial instruments do you offer?

4. Do you charge commission on trading accounts?

5. Is there a minimum deposit/withdrawal to start trading?

6. Is it possible to lose more money than I deposited?

7. If I receive a bonus can I use it as margin? Can I lose it?

8. Can I change my account base currency?

9. How can I change my MT5 trading account password?

10. What is a rollover/swap?

11. Do you apply rollovers/swaps on Cryptocurrencies?

12. If I close my position before the scheduled rollover or financing time, is my position subject to the fee?

13. What time do you apply rollovers/swaps and financing?

14. Why are rollover/swap rates for Forex and Metals pairs tripled on Wednesdays and for Stocks and Indices pairs on Fridays?

15. How do I calculate swaps and financing fees?

16. Where can I see the swap and financing fees in advance?

18. What are your trading hours?

20. Where is your MT5 trading server located?

21. Do you offer MT4?

22. What is your execution model?

23. What is your average execution speed?

24. Do you provide API trading?

25. When I place any type of order, can you guarantee that I will receive the requested price?

26. What is Depth of Market?

27. How can I see Depth of Market?

28. What is a lot? How much is a lot?

29. Do you allow News Trading?

30. Do you allow scalping?

31. Do you allow hedging?

32. What are your Margin Requirements (Leverage)?

33. What is the difference between Margin and Leverage?

34. How do I calculate Margin Required?

35. What is Margin Level/Free Margin and how do I calculate them?

36. What is dynamic leverage?

37. How can I open a new position?

38. How can I close a position?

39. Why does my trade always open with a negative profit?

40. Can I change the Leverage of my trading account? If yes, how?

41. What is a point and how do I calculate the point value?

42. Is there a minimum volume when I place a trade?

43. Why are the Sell by and Buy by buttons unavailable (greyed out) when I try to place an order in the order window?

44. Can I use an Expert Advisor (EA)? How do I set it up?

45. What is a Partial Close and how can I use it?

46. Is close by function allowed?

47. Is multiple close by function allowed?

48. What is Stop Loss and how do I set it up?

49. What is Take Profit and how can i set it up?

50. What are pending orders and how can I set them?

51. Why is my take profit, stop loss or pending order not triggered? The chart shows that it reached the specified price.

52. What is a Trailing Stop and how can I set it up?

53. What is a Margin Call and at which level is it triggered?

54. What is Stop Out and at which level is it triggered?

55. What are Limit and Stop Levels?

56. What does the message 'Trade Context Busy' mean?

57. Why do I sometimes get an error message saying 'Invalid S/L or T/P when I try to place an order?

58. Why do I get an error message saying 'not enough money'?

59. What should I do if there is a problem with a specific trade?

60. Are Trading accounts automatically archived at any point?