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1. What personal information do I need to open an account?

2. Are there any age restrictions when opening an account?

3. How long does it take to register an account?

4. Is it possible to open more than one account using the same email address?

5. What if I do not receive the registration email from

6. If I register an account will I have direct access to the trading platform?

7. What are eWallets?

8. How can I open a Live Trading Account?

9. Can I open a swap-free (Islamic) account?

10. What are the available eWallet currencies?

11. Are there any country restrictions?

12. Are there any restrictions in the number of trading accounts I can open?

13. How do I cancel my account?

14. Is it possible to open a demo trading account?

15. Can I open a corporate account?

16. What do I do if I forget my Account login password?

17. How do I set up 2-step authentication (2FA) on my account?

18. How do I switch off 2-step authentication (2FA) on my account?