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There are two ways our partners can benefit from our advertising materials and resources.
Firstly, we maintain a small library of materials, such as banners, logos etc.
These are ready to download from your affiliate account in the affiliate portal.
Secondly, select partners can benefit from our internal resources and capabilities.
This means we can create bespoke advertising materials such as banners and landing pages,
or provide them with specific articles, social media content, etc.
(Bespoke or in-library)

These are single image and/or gif banners we
have in our library. Bespoke banners can be in
the form of html or video banners. Display
banners can be generic and brand-related, or
related to a specific promotion.
(Bespoke or in-library)

These include various adaptations of the
logo that are available for use.
We have a rich library of Market Analysis and
Industry-related blog posts and articles
posted to our website’s Blog section, which
can be freely used by our affiliates. Select
affiliates have the option of requesting
specific articles which we write for them.
Any creative materials and scripts posted on
our social media can be used by our partners.
Select affiliates have the option of tailored,
unique posts created specifically for them.