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3rd Bitcoin Halving is fast approaching |
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11th May 2020

Big Bitcoin News! Bitcoin 3rd Halving

We would like to inform you that another major Bitcoin event is taking place on 12th May!

Indeed, BTC 3rd Halving is fast approaching, creating a buzz of excitement among Crypto enthusiasts worldwide. 

Analysts and experts have offered a range of opinions around the impact of this event. Some claim that BTC price will rise significantly, while others believe that there won't be any major movements, or even that the BTC price will drop to the lowest levels of 2020. 

So traders, gear up your foresight and intuition, as there may be a sizable opportunity for profits just around the corner.

There’s no need to remind you that offers trading on multiple BTC pairs, with the most competitive spreads and leverage – you already know that!

As with every opportunity for profitability, there are always things you need to look out for. So just a few words of caution from our risk team:
In similar events in the past, we have experienced some sudden shifts in prices that resulted in wider spreads and swaps by many Liquidity Providers and Exchanges. On some occasions, they stopped offering BTC pairs for trading during the hours of the Halving. Also, be aware of any changes in Leverage, so that you can ensure the necessary margin to sustain your positions.

The success of our partners and traders is our top priority! Trade on and trade smart!