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Best Forex Bonuses For The Forex & Crypto CFD Trader |
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08th Jun 2020

Best Forex Bonuses

The financial markets are booming right now. Interest in trading, by both new and experienced investors is experiencing a massive surge. As of 2019 over $6.6 trillion was being traded daily making forex one of the most popular international financial markets.

The allure of the FX markets is clear. The constant yet sustainable volatility, and interplay of exchange rates between currencies, provides multiple trading opportunities for both short-term and long-term traders. This online, global, inter-connected market never sleeps. Combine that with the technological advancements in areas like market monitoring, trade management and risk control, forex trading has become a highly sought-after activity for many.

However, for newbies, the market might look intimidating. There is plenty to learn and many might not possess adequate funds to get started. This is why, forex brokers provide traders with welcome bonuses to give them an opportunity to test trading conditions and learn the market dynamics. Experienced traders also utilise their forex bonus to refine their trading strategy and to maximise their profit potential. belongs to a new breed of forex brokers, constantly striving to bring the best the financial markets have to offer to traders. We constantly monitor the markets to ensure we offer the best bonuses so our new clients can experience our world-class trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Forex bonus offers on subsequent deposits further enhance our clients trading experience with us.
Welcome bonuses are a great way for new traders to gain a foothold in this action-packed market. We offer all our new clients a $50 bonus, and all you need to do is complete your KYC procedure. No deposit, just fill out the form, get it approved and your trading journey with us begins!
This is possibly the best first-time deposit bonus you’re likely to ever be offered. You get a 150% bonus based on your first deposit delivered directly to your MT5 forex margin account. This means that if you transfer $100 from your e-wallet to your account, after the transfer of funds, you will actually have $250 to start trading with. This limited period offer is applicable only for MT5 trading accounts. 

The maximum bonus cap for deposits, based on the currency, is USD 700, EUR700 and JPY 70,000. In terms of cryptocurrency deposits, the maximum bonus is 0.08 BTC, 3,000 XRP, 3 ETH and 700 UST.
The bonuses don’t stop there. The second time that you make a deposit, you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus in your MT5 forex trading account. 

Here, the bonus cap is higher, at USD 4,000, EUR 4,000 and JPY 450,000. For crypto deposits, the limit stands at 0.5 BTC, 17,000 XRP and 18 ETH.
We value all our clients, throughout their trading journey with us. That’s why we also offer a 30% bonus whenever you deposit funds into your trading account. This is an unlimited offer, and there is no maximum bonus cap, so you can use this an unlimited number of times.

All the bonuses above are based on the amount you transfer from your e-wallet to your MT5 trading account, rather than on the amount you have deposited. The bonuses will be available as credits in your MT5 trading account.

Read more about all our bonuses and terms here. And, if you’re ready start trading with a bonus now.