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Top Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter |
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25th Sep 2020

Top Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is hugely popular with participants in the financial markets. This is the platform where traders, professional and retail, choose to share their experiences, insights and recommendations. 

Twitter’s enterprise API platform provides major financial institutions critical insights to uncover early trends, shifts in market sentiment and stay updated on breaking news. Apart from that, world leaders, investment firms, central bankers and financial news providers have their own accounts on the platform, providing investors valuable knowledge.  

In fact, a research article by Stevens Institute of Technology stated that together, these influential Twitter users act as a more robust predictor of the financial markets than general social sentiment. 

On the retail trading front, today more than ever before, active traders, mentors and technical analysts are sharing their chart analysis and predictions for the benefit of forex and cryptocurrency traders. They offer tips on creating trading strategies and alternative insights on deciphering market news. Let’s look at some of the most popular Twitter accounts for forex traders.
Peter Brandt The CEO of Factor LLC, a global investment firm, Peter Brandt has been an active trader in the forex, commodity futures and equity markets since 1975. He has also authored a book called Factor Report. Traders can get plenty of chart analysis, not only in forex but also in cryptocurrency price movements of Bitcoin and altcoins. Peter offers valuable commentaries on geo-political and macroeconomic developments and their impact on the markets.
Dan is a world record holder in swing trading. His account could be a valuable resource for technical traders, as his team regularly posts his trading tips and strategies, using live examples of his chart analysis. Traders might have heard about The Zanger Report, which is a 3-nights-a-week newsletter, offering detailed and powerful momentum trading ideas, with lots of commentary. Most of Dan’s posts are related to equities trading, but forex and crypto traders can learn a lot as well.
Founder of, Steve Burns regularly tweets on market movements, technical indicators and useful trading psychology tips. He not only shares his own inputs on trade and risk management, trading discipline and strategies, but also shares quotes and insights of top investors and traders globally. Plus, traders can access a lot of daily financial news on this account.
Rayner Teo, popularly known for his website for swing and position traders, called, is a known figure in the financial Twitterverse. The highly experienced and active trader can teach a lot about price action strategies, timing exits and entries, and risk management tactics through his articles, shared posts and chart analysis. Moreover, his tips are very easy-to-understand, suitable for traders of all styles and levels.
A highly respected figure in the trading community, Ashraf Laidi is known for his detailed forex market analysis. He has authored a book, Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Market, where he has written extensively about how various macroeconomic and political forces shape today’s forex landscape. Ashraf is a regular speaker at trader conferences and a contributor to CNBC. Traders following his account can get a chance to hear him in webinars and other podcasts.

While there are other traders who offer great insights too, it’s important to consider adopting strategies, tips and recommendations only after careful research and analysis. Demo accounts can provide a great way to test new strategies and indicators.