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Deposits & Withdrawals |
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Crypto CurrencyCurrencyMin DepositProcessing TimeFeesDeposit Fund
BTC0.0001From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
ETH0.05From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
USDT (OMNI)25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
XRP25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
STICPAYCurrencyMin DepositProcessing TimeFeesDeposit Fund
EUR, USD5InstantlyNo FeesFund
NETELLERCurrencyMin DepositProcessing TimeFeesDeposit Fund
EUR, USD, ZARNo MinimumInstantlyNo FeesFund
SKRILLCurrencyMin DepositProcessing TimeFeesDeposit Fund
USD, ZAR, KESNo Minimum
InstantlyNo FeesFund
Crypto CurrencyCurrencyProcessing TimeFeesWithdrawals Fund
BTCWithin 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
ETHWithin 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
USDT (OMNI)Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
XRPWithin 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
STICPAYCurrencyProcessing TimeFeesWithdrawals Fund
EUR, USDInstantlyNo FeesWithdrawal
NETELLERCurrencyProcessing TimeFeesWithdrawals Fund
EUR, USD, ZARInstantlyNo FeesWithdrawal
SKRILLCurrencyProcessing TimeFeesWithdrawals Fund
USD, ZAR, KESInstantlyNo FeesWithdrawal


  • Please note that even though Credit card deposits are reflected instantly into your account, requires from all its customers to provide front and back copy of their Credit Card based on the instructions provided in their Members area. This would allow clients to enjoy full access to all of the company’s features including withdrawals.
  • Credit Card and Bank Wire withdrawals can be requested at any time but please note that these will be processed within banking working hours Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 GMT.
  • Please note even though Digital wallet deposits are reflected instantly into your account, requires all its customers to provide proof of account ownership if the client’s email is different to the Digital wallet email.
  • Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals depend on blockchain overload.
  • For Bank Wire deposits please note:
  1. Minimum Deposit Amount is 100 USD
  2. Maximum Deposit Amount is 5,000 USD
  3. Mandatory fee: 3,000 JPY if deposit is less than 500 USD
  4. Zero fee if deposit is 500 USD or more
  5. If you deposit less than the minimum 100 USD and you do not deposit more to reach the minimum, the funds will be refunded, and you will still be charged the mandatory fee of 30 USD by the bank
  6. Bank Wire Minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD