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We provide our affiliates with all the tools they need to succeed.
In addition to our incredible bonuses, commission plans, and trading commissions,
we have also put together a portfolio of tools, materials, and resources that add to our partners’
competitive advantage and allow them to successfully grow their market shares. 
We offer a complete and flexible solution for
experienced money managers that want to
bring their clientele under the brand and
benefit from our exceptional bonuses and
trading conditions.
Extract the dynamic form directly from your
affiliate portal. The form will carry your affiliate
referral link ID so that all registrations coming
from the form will be assigned under you.
Boost your conversion potential by place the
form (snippet of iframe code) to your web
asset (web-page etc.) of choice and enable
If during your marketing campaign prospects
are redirected to the registration page
and they don’t register right away, but do so
within a 30 day window, we will still allocate
the client under your affiliate account and you
will not miss-out on any commissions.
You are practically offered with a live view of
how your commissions are accumulated with
our 1-minute commission re-calculation. This
provides with have full transparency and
better control over your commissions.



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