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SymbolSymbol CategorizationTypical SpreadAverageSettlementMinimum Trade SizeMin/max Trade SizeValue of 1 LotCurrencyLimit & StopsMinimum Price Fluctuation
(Point Rate)
Swap Rates (points)
Swap Rates (points)
Trading Sessions
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Trading Sessions
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Trading Sessions
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Precious Metals & Energies
Margin Requirements
/ Leverage

TiersVolume (USD)LeverageMargin %
Please note that the maximum volume per symbol is set to $20 million.

What is Swap?

When you open a Sell or a buy position, you only pay the value of the trade. Using leverage, you are essentially borrowing the rest of the capital to buy the investment from and instantly is borrowing that capital from the venue where your order will be executed.

It is an Interest amount that Client’s account is debited. Keep in mind that Metals and Energies swaps are charged once at midnight server time and 3 times every Wednesday.