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1. Do you have security measures?

We understand the importance of strong and robust security, and we are committed to securing your assets.
We manage your assets completely separate from the exchange platform, taking into consideration past hacking cases and future hacking risks.
A portion of Bitcoin received from customers is managed by a multi-signature wallet that requires multiple signatures, and this computer is basically in an offline state, and is managed as an online state only at the time of deposit and withdrawal.
Most of the bitcoins received from customers are managed in a multi-signature hard cold wallet, and this hard cold wallet does not hold BTC more than the amount specified by us, and the amount determined by us. These BTCs are managed by other hard cold wallets. Therefore, we will manage multiple hard / cold wallets.

None of our employees have single access rights for all Bitcoin wallets.
All of our computers are anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-key logging, and have a USB port lock, which means that no USB devices can be connected.

All computer wallets can be accessed only by our registered IP address and MAC address.
The password used in all computer wallets is set to a 16-digit or more password of random numbers mixed with upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers.

All private keys used are stored in paper media at different offline locations.
Backups of all used wallets are performed daily and are managed at several different offline locations.

2. How do I change my MT5 password?